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Detoxification (Genesis from Allysian Sciences)

There are over 70,000 chemicals in commercial distribution. We never have in human history been exposed to this accumulation of toxins which overpowers the body’s natural ability to detoxify them. These toxins are responsible for most disease conditions in humanity.

The exposure to toxic chemicals is a large source of toxic buildups throughout the body. After years of exposure to these substances, often the body can no longer keep up with eliminating these substances and they get re-circulated into the bloodstream, wrecking havoc throughout the body, or stored in the liver, body fat or many other parts of the body.

It is well-known that autistic children have high level of toxins in their bodies. In my clinic, we address this issue through the use of far infra red sauna, the ion cleanse and special cleansing and anti-toxin supplements.