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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology rest on the idea that the entire human body is a body of energy. It is a new branch of psychology that utilizes the various energy systems of the body to eliminate most emotional and psychological issues rapidly and effectively and for the most part permanently.

Energy Psychology unites psychology, biophysics, mind and soul to help a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical issues. These methods also support high level mind/body health and peak physical, mental and creative performance.

Energy Psychology derived its techniques from a variety of sources such as nursing, yoga, acupuncture, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), physical therapy, applied kinesiology, allergy work, research and quantum biology. Energy Psychology utilizes a wide spectrum of procedures for the reduction or elimination of most psychological and emotional issues. Clients with allergies can be helped using various Energy Psychology procedures like the Spinal Release Technique and the Occipital Hold to reduce or eliminate the allergic reaction. Basically, we re-educate the immune system of the person and once this is done through the above techniques, the allergic reaction ceases to exist.

“If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy.” – from “Vibrational Medicine” by Dr Richard Gerber

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine