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Infra-Low Frequency Training

Learn the Ins & Outs of Infra-Low Frequency (ILF) Training Protocols for Brainmaster Users in Singapore from 20th – 22nd April 2012

The April 2012 run for the Infra-Low Frequency Feedback Talk is sold out. Please contact us to register your interest for future runs of the talk.

Come join seasoned practitioner and trainer, Mark Llewellyn Smith, LCSW, BCIA-EEG, as he shares the framework for using ILF and the hands-on experience for finding and setting the Optimum Reward Frequency (ORF) for BrainMaster Atlantis and Discovery systems.

Program Details

Day One

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Didactic presentation
    • Necessary Practical information
      • Definition of terms
      • Signal processing the ILF
      • Bipolar training
      • Electrodes, artifact, and practical training considerations
    • Classification of central nervous system functioning for ILF work
    • Reward frequency optimization strategy according to symptom presentation
    • Symptoms, placements, and disorders in ILF work
  3. Live demonstrations of ILF training
  4. Practicum
    • Assessment
    • Protocol development
    • Software

Day Two

  1. Didactic presentation-short
    • Beginning placements
    • Frequencies and disorders
    • Applying assessment information
  2. Practicum-Hands On
    • Assessment
    • Protocol development
    • Training both as trainer and trainee
    • Treatment effect discussion

Day Three

  1. Didactic presentation
    • The second session
      • Assessing response to the first session
      • Managing treatment expectations based on response to initial training
      • Protocol optimization
    • Subsequent sessions
      • Determining frequencies
      • Adding placements according to presentation and response to treatment
      • Assessing treatment response
  2. Practicum-Hands On
    • Day two practicum experience discussion
    • Training as both trainer and trainee
    • Q & A
  3. Case presentation

You will leave with the knowledge of:

  • when to utilize ILF as the protocol of choice
  • how to choose the site placements
  • the physiological indicators used for assessing the optimum reward frequency
  • the ILF training strategy for different concerns
  • what to expect along the way
  • using a QEEG for identifying ILF training responders and treatment planning

Dates, Venue and Fees:

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd April 2012

9am – 5pm

Gaia Life International Pte Ltd
Blk 102E, Pasir Panjang Road, #05-01
Singapore 118529
(Opposite Pasir Panjang MRT Circle Line)

Mark Smith, LCSW BCIA-EEG from USA

Training Fee:
SGD$700 (Early Bird – Until 29 Feb 2012)
From 1st March 2012 Training Fee will be SGD$850

Sold Out

Thank you for your interest in the Infra Low Frequency Feedback Talk. Unfortunately, the seats for the April 2012 talk have been completely sold out. To be notified for future runs of the talk, please register your interest by filling up the form below.