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Video Testimonials

Below are a few video testimonials from our clients. You can click on the video names below the player to play the video.

A account of Bimo by his mother, Maya on his improvements due to neurofeedback (15MB Word Document)


I am 26 years old and have had sever migraine from age 9. After 25 sessions of Neurofeedback with Dr Guan my migraine headaches have completely disappeared and the treatment is still holding after one year!

– Ms Neena

I have been suffering from migraine headaches for the past 4 years and on 18th April 09, I had two sessions of Z Score and that night I did not get an attack for the first time! On 19th April, I had another 2 sessions of NFB and on 19th April, there was no attacks. I have signed up for another 10 sessions.

Mrs S


I was able to resotre my sleep patterns only after 12 sessions of neurofeedback in June of last year (2008) and I am still sleeping well. My anxiety attacks are gone too.

Mrs S

I had insomnia for 3 years prior to starting neurofeedback. For all that time, I had trouble falling asleep at night and I woke early almost every morning.

Prior to my treatment, I had tried to attend a sleep clinic and my sleep improved somewhat but was still very poor. I had also tried melatonin, breathing techniques, warm milk and the typical recommended restrictions such as caffeine and alcohol at night but nothing seemed to help.

Within a few neurofeedback sessions, I began to feel less anxious about falling asleep at night and my mood improved. I also began to go back to sleep much quicker after waking early.

After a few more session, I began to fall asleep far more easily, I stopped being crabby in the mornings and I was brighter and happier during the day. It did take about 30 sessions for me to sleep just as well as I used to and another 10 sessions to make sure it stuck but was it ever worth it!

There’s nothing like sleeping properly!

Angelo, 28 years


In our treatment of Autistic Children and Adults, we have discovered that from as early as ten sessions (depending on individuals), significant improvements to autistic behaviours may be observed. Our proudest achievement was the treatment of an autistic adult who was able to hold a regular, albeit simple, job as a file clerk after a year and a half of treatment.

To date, over 500 children in Singapore have been positively treated by the Neurofeedback Method, and some with very dramatic results. We would be most glad to share our success stories with you.

“I have had 160 sessions of NFB and now I hold a job and able to move around on my own. My speech is clearer and the range of topics i converse in wider.” CC, a 37 year old autistic man

“My son was a two and a half year old autistic child. He had no speech, no eye contact, wobbyly in his gait, and did not want to mix with other children. After 80 sessions, his speech therapist informed that he was talking like a 6 year old kid. He speaks in full sentences, has good eye contact and mixes around with his peers. Of all the vaiours therapies i am convinced that NFB has made the greatest impact on his improvements.”

Autism. Mrs E.

The most dramatic result of this treatment is that whatever achievements obtained are permanent. Thus we allow our parents to determine the objectives they want to achieve and once achieved, they can then assess if they want to further continue or to stop. Whatever the decision, we are happy to inform that there is no regression. Whatever achievements reached are permanent.

Pervasive Developmental Delays

Back in January 2007, my three year old son Timothy was diagnosed with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delays). It really devastated me. The whole world seemed upside down. Not long after that, I started taking anti-depressant pills and heart pills to coam my nerves and to control my panic attacks.

Then in January 2009, a doctor recommended Neurofeedback and Timothy begain NFB treatment in February 2009. A few days after his tenth session, he walked towards me, looked at me, smiled and said, “Mummy clothes is beautiful”. i almost cried.

And since after that Timothy has shown a lot of imrpovement in all areas. He plays with his brother, demonstrate strong concentration and focus and has become more expressive in his speech. He now also joins Kumon and doing great with that. I also have stopped taking the anti-depressant pills and the heart pills, after 2 years. Thank you very much Dr Guan.

Timothy’s Mother, 22 Apr 2009